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Its been a while since I took a look at Pito Salas’ BlogBridge news aggregator and, I have to say, its just plain beautiful.  Wonderfully designed, easy to setup, cross platform and just plain nice.  There’s lots more good stuff inside but since I’m dashing for a plane, this is all I had time to post.  Thanks Pito.  Great stuff.

Screenshot showing the 50 odd feeds I setup in BlogBridge:

BlogBridge Screenshot 


A Steaming Pile of Camel Dung

October 30, 2005 at 1:22 am | Posted in rant | Leave a comment That’s right. Let me say it again — Now when the title of the post is “A Steaming Pile of Camel Dung” and the 1st thing is a url, what do you think I think (got that?) of that url ? That’s right — I’m trying to make you realize that the products from Laridian are, imho, a steaming pile of camel dung. Well I should clarify — I don’t really know that much about the products — what I know about is the installation process. And that, dear reader, is a steaming pile of camel dung.

My wife is, of recent, an avid Palm user and with the Tungsten T5 I got her for her recent birthday, she also wanted a bible for her palm. Well we started with the Zonderman NIV Study Bible and that was, not the installation process, but the product itself, well beyond camel dung. It was actually, again imho, a giant mountain of dragon feces. This was a product so bad that it repeatedly crashed her entire Palm and required a hard reset. You know the one I mean — where you have to unscrew your Palm stencil, get the little end and push the hole for the hard reset. She then did online research, sadly not using Feedster (alas), and picked Laridian. Given our previous experience I had her try and install the test version. And she really liked it. It didn’t have her perferred bible version but she used it enough to know it installed and didn’t crash her Palm. Awesome so, today, on a day with not a lot of time and too much to do, she asks me to install the full version. “Sure Babe; whatever you need”. Famous last words…

Well this required, not 1, not 2, but the download and installation of over 15 different .SIT compressed files. So everything had to be downloaded, decompressed and then dragged into the Palm installer. That then led to a massive orgy of synching, checking to see if its there, realizing it isn’t, silently cursing*, trying again and so on. After literally over 2 hours, I managed to get the online bible application installed but still didn’t have all of it installed — parts of it seem to simply not install. So in closing, I give you this:

Laridian Installation Process = A Steaming Pile of Camel Dung

Note to software product marketers: Its supposed to be a better user experience when people give you money than when they don’t. That’s how the game is played. You know…

*My little boy was in the room.

Thanks Mike!

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Thanks Mike!

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