Buying an XBox 360

November 22, 2005 at 7:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

Wow.  I just spoke with my wife who’s in the Dallas, Texas* area for Thanskgiving (I’m meeting her there) and her sister wanted to get Steve, her husband, an XBox 360 from the local Target.  And, after arriving on line at 5 am, she discovered that there the store only had 12.
The local Walmart only had 48.  And the biggest lot that anyone in the whole city had is reportedly 220 at the local Best Buy.

Looks like the reports of Microsoft limiting supply to maximize demand (and pricing) are completely true.

*That’s where her family is.



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  1. Not necessarily. They were awfully late with finalizing their hardware. It is entirely believable that they’re seeing real supply issues because of their tri-continent launch and their late start in manufacturing “final” systems.

    There is no reason that Microsoft would want to short-change the holiday season. The entire reason they pushed for a November release was in order to hit the holidays. Why shoot themselves in the foot? Also note that Peter Moore has denied the intentional shortfall.

    So who to believe? The answer lies in what happens over the next few weeks. If a sudden increase in supply occurs [just in time for xmas], then we should believe the “shortfall on launch [to increase buzz]” hypothesis. If there are supply issues all the way thru the xmas buying season, then we should believe Peter’s story that there really is a shortfall.

  2. *Blink* Look everyone! Its Greg! Damn. How did you even find this? I’ve only been blogging here for a little bit.

    Anyway very good points. And, clearly, you know far more about this than I do. I’ll blog a link to your comment since I was, perhaps, talking from my arse a bit.

  3. […] Surprisingly enough, Greg Stein, showed up in my blog comments with some very cogent thoughts on the XBox 360 shortage. Greg’s a serious gamer and the person who turned me onto the astounding zen experience that is Katamari (thx man I did actually buy it and we all love it). Anyway read what Greg has to say here. […]

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