Digital Camera Recommendation Wanted

November 27, 2005 at 11:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments

I’ve been getting the serious urge to upgrade my digital camera lately.  Right now I’m using a 5 year old 3 megapixel Kodak which, while working wonderfully, makes me feel kinda lame truth to tell.  And I had an absolute blast taking lots and lots of pictures over the Thanksgiving Holiday at Shelley’s parent’s house.  Now I’ve always owned Kodak digital cameras and I, honestly, have no real desire to change.  I’m thinking about the Kodak P880:

Kodak P880 - Do I Buy ?

I’ve also been thinking about the Canon S2:

Canon S2 - Should I Buy ?

They’re both 5+ megapixel which is more than enough for anyone who’s not a pro (imho).  They both seem to have good lenses.  My preference for the Kodak is that it will likely have a substantially better user interface and be much more usable.  My wife’s Canon A80 PowerShot is just plain painful.  They’re both SD media sadly relegating the Compact Flash slot on my Thinkpad into instant uselessness.  Sigh.

Update: A quick of DPReview makes me think that I should also look at the Kodak Z740:

Kodak Z740

So anyone have any thoughts about any of these?  I know that the first is much higher end but since I keep my gear for 5+ years in general, the price difference doesn’t feel that much.  And I have a little one who’s fast as the dickens so a fast acting camera is important (I missed several great images this past week).



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  1. Definitely take a look at the Z740. We’ve got one and it rocks! Maybe not as fast as you’d like, but not slow and at 5MP it’s right where you want it (the P880 has 8MP).

    It’s got 10X optical zoom, which was the best around when we bought this (aside from Digital SLRs: too much $$). It’s also not too big – smaller than the P880 by a fair amount.

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