Techniques for Staying Awake and Functional When Caffeine Fails You

November 29, 2005 at 6:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

Here are some tips when caffeine starts to either not work or, well, make you want to vomit rats:

  • Bright Light.  I’ve got a 300 watt halogen going in a 12 x 10 room and its having a noticable effect on my consciousness
  • Loud Music.  Hopefully my neighbors appreciate a Beastie Boys / Quiet Riot / Def Leopard / Dead Milkmen combination.
  • Cold.  I’ve got the window open and its chilly in here!  It works though.


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  1. I find that espresso works quite well in sets of 2 or 3. I’ll down a doubleshot to start off and about 3 hours later I’ll have either another one or have a quad latte or the like. I just have to make sure that I eat some bread or something along with it, the espresso alone can really muck up my stomach. Too much acid I sappose.

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