Becoming P^3

November 30, 2005 at 7:09 pm | Posted in python, Uncategorized | 14 Comments

Its time to become a P^3 person. I mean I know Perl, I know PHP. Why not *drum roll* Python?

  1. Download Python 2.4. Done.
  2. Ask knowledgeable Python Person “What Gui Framework?”. “WxWindows”. Download. Done.
  3. Open obligatory 2 year old Python book that my wonderful wife gave me as a present back in 2003. Read first chapter. Done.
  4. Type “Hello World” into Idle. Done.
  5. Plan first project. Make it something I need. Ah yes. Got it. Need to research if its viable in Python. Requires a tree control, launching external apps under Windows, getting a process ID and an edit control. Should be viable.
  6. Write first blog entry about Learning Python to force myself to follow through on it. Done.

Heh. Feels good to be geeky again. P^3 is the goal I say, P^3. Hm… Given that in another age I did prolog can that make me already P^3 or does code you last wrote in 1987 not count anymore ?



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  1. Scott –
    Would you mind letting us in on your thought process for learning Python as opposed to something else?

    Is this a new part of feedster or just a personal goal?

    I am asking because I too am seeking the next step in my personal education and right now I am leaning towards learning Ruby on Rails.
    Dewayne Mikkelson

  2. Done! See post.

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