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December 1, 2005 at 3:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 25 Comments

I normally don’t blog things like this but since BoingBoing is a very trusted source (at least to me; your mileage may vary).  Shocking:

PriceRitePhoto rip-off artists exposed

Boing Boing stalwart Thomas Hawk tried to order a camera from PriceRitePhoto, and discovered that they company was fraudulently offering the camera at a low price, responding to orders by calling up customers and hard-selling them for overpriced accessories, and if they declined, refusing to fill the order because the camera was “out of stock.”When Thomas called to complain and threatened to blog about the incident, the manager of the store, Steve Phillips, was threatening and abusive. He claimed that he would have Thomas visited by the police, that he’d harass Thomas’s boss, that he’d charge Thomas’s credit card for the full amount and then not ship the camera, and so on. He did, in fact, call Thomas’s boss and scream at him, too.


I hope people blog this all over the place and establish a definitive Google pagerank for this posting for PriceRitePhoto so the BoingBoing article floats to the top.



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  1. see 2 diggs about it:

    and the original digg post by Thomas Hawk:

  2. Thanks cori. Will do.

  3. Don’t worry about the google page rank. Tom’s google page rank is so high now that he doesn’t even need to get linked to get to the front page. Next time google re-indexes price is wrong photo will certainly be screwed.

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