Wanting to Riff Like Niall

December 7, 2005 at 4:54 am | Posted in podcasting | 15 Comments

So I’m seeing Niall and Om and “I wanna be like them”.  Seriously though.  I’m definitely fascinated by podcasting, I’ve got the iPod 60 gig, and I feel that I’m ready to actually *gasp* create a podcast.  What occurs to me that might be interesting to the 13 people who read this blog is this : Tech War Stories.  I’ve been in technology for so damn long now and worked with so many characters that perhaps tossing out some of those stories like:

  • Every startup needs a green football
  • The day paul got a gun or “How to become a consultant in 1 easy step”
  • Real engineers can explain their code
  • Everyone needs a Geek Kit

If this sounds interesting to you then leave a comment and I’ll start working on it.  Most of my best stories are actually pre-Internet so that gives them an aura of “Aged Bits”.

Oh and my 4.5 year old, Alex, has agreed to help.  He wants to be the Internet’s youngest podcaster:



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  1. Hey Scott –
    YES! I think your Tech War Stories would be very entertaining and fun to listen to!

    Do you have a few spare hours available or have you just given up on sleep?

    Dewayne Mikkelson

  2. Thats pretty cool, if anyone could come up with some pretty cool tech content, you can. Throw James and I a bone and invite us in on an episode one day.

  3. I dislike podcasts as a general rule, but this idea does picque my interest. Especially the pre-Internet stuff (you mean there was software before the interrnet !?)

  4. Heh. All,

    Dewayne — Yes I’ve given up sleep clearly.

    Nick — interesting.

    Simon — yes oh young one. There was software pre internet. There was even hypertext pre internet believe it or not.

    Interesting. I need to learn how to make an mp3 file. I have no idea so that’s a challenge for me.

  5. Ok. Basic questions:

    Can I attach an enclosure to a wordpress post ?

    Good windows based audio editing tool that can import wav and save to mp3. I won’t do much editing but my son loves to be recorded so I’ll need to respect that and incorporate his voice. Cute as a button to boot.

  6. Here is a list of Podcast Publishing software.

  7. Thanks Shadow. I’ve already got Audacity and learned to insert clips from other audio files so I’m on my way. And I’ve got a domain ready to go but still mucking with hosting issues.

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