Google Desktop Continued

December 9, 2005 at 3:09 am | Posted in Computing Tips, Uncategorized, windows | 13 Comments

So I’m on like Day 3 or so of Google desktop.   Overall I’m still happy.  Some things have changed:

  • I really want Google desktop to index my Gaim logs.  Sadly it won’t and the plug in for it has gone missing (site offline). If the owner of could put their web page back I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants it and if anyone has the whole source for this (it seems like it was open source at one point), I’d be interested in stepping up and maintaining it (yes I really want IM indexing that bad)
  • I’ve reduced the sidebar applets to mostly just the Scratch Pad and the Todo list.
  • The Photos widget can be embarassing if you have any photos on your machine that aren’t work safe (or you have kids around).  Oops.
  • I discovered that double clicking the size of a sidebar panel increases its size (basically the equivalent of maximizing the window but in a vertical context).  Its very, very nice actually.

Overall I’m hugely pleased with Google Desktop.  Its small, light, fast and “feels right”.  Bravo guys.



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  1. I’m gald that you are doing all the manipulations yourself. Poor me that I needed a programmer to those stuff.

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