Link : How to change your AIM password without downloadin the client software

December 9, 2005 at 1:35 am | Posted in Computing Tips, Uncategorized | 76 Comments

Just go here.  And change ‘foo’ to whatever your account name is (there’s a form field; you don’t have to do it manually at the link level).



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  1. the password help isn’t a very good resource it didn’t do nothing for me and i cant log onto aim

  2. My password i use to log in isn’t working i need to change and don’t know how? I can not log in to my email and other things but i can’t get in.

  3. i tried the foo thingy and it said that i i have loged into my nmae to many times to chnage my password…why is this happening? my password is invalid

  4. aim wont let me change my password? what do i do

  5. i have tried to change my password it just wont let me. i cant log on to AIM to tlk too my friends. when i hint forgot password i type in my screen name. and then it says you have tried to many times. i need to change my password so what do i do i have tried every thing i could think of. many you can help me.

  6. ass hloes it was probebly a trick i dont know what the deal is but it souds like your getting ripped off of your password

  7. u guys arnit helping me a bit

  8. phishy!

  9. THis rocks i.m. me my sn is linkinpark324234

  10. this didn’t help me a sucks.i hate it.

  11. i hate it so much, that i sewed aim.

  12. i cant change my pass cause someone is going on my sn while im on and there saying that they found a pic of us online and i dont no who that person is whos on my sn and they r iming people also on my bl. and one person got a viros from it

  13. someone keeps logging into my s/n when i get kicked off and i try to log back in it says error code something and i try that image password resest and it does nothing

  14. i forgot my password so i need to change it to a new one and none of this helps me

  15. Omg I have tried and tried to change my password and it wont let me and this girl fount out my password and she told everyone and she keeps deleting my buddies and making my profile look horrible. OMG I need help!.!.!.!. That girl wont stop talking to ppl in my name and shes like I hate you, I never wanna see you again to my friends. AND ITS NOT ME but i keep talling these ppl its not me but some of them dont believe me. HELP ME PLZ….

  16. some one has my password and i want to change it but i dont kno how to and the help sites arent rlly helping. so how can i change my password?

  17. I cant change my password damn it . some1 has to fix that thing the rest password it dont work tried it so many times but isnt workingggggggggggggg

  18. this thing really sux and im mad bcuz i need to change my password and its not letting me. we need a new service

  19. I can log onto my screen name fine, but it wont let me change it. i go to aim, and ask to change the password, and it says that it cant connect to i dont know what to do?… help !?

  20. i want to change my password because someone i know is going on it and i dont want them to….how do i change my password???//???

  21. I want to change my password, because someone is loging on my screen name and changing my stuff. But I can’t change it. ………. How do I change my password when on my menu they said click on EDIT and then find “Change Password” When I don’t have that….! I need help fast before they everything.

  22. I tried too, but I don’t think that it’s working. Is there any other way that we can change our password by not going through this kind of trouble?

  23. i wiill kill myself if this kid goes on my sn tell me how to change my password.
    cuz dis is all so stupied!

  24. some one keeps logging on my screen name and deleting my freinds…but when i go my aim – edit options – the – change password nothing happens HELP ME

  25. one of my freinds keeps login on to my aim and screwin with it and it wont let me change my password

  26. i no wat my secret word is but it will not let me use it and i want to change it so my friend will not no it

  27. I would like to change my password on aim mail. So far this has not been helpful. Would appreciate your help.
    Also need to know how to block someone from sending email to me.
    Thank you

  28. bitches this site doesnt work all u gues do is steel our passes im going to get the poliece on u!

  29. ohh wait nvm it changed my pass yay!

  30. wtf it asks fo personal info i don’t remember wat shit i put in there

    help me pleeeez

  31. this site is doing nothing for me. someone has my pw and is telling my friends stuff i didnt say.. why isnt th is working?


  33. ok it’s really easy to change ur profile. on ur buddylist go to My Aim then go to edit options then go to change password. you don’t even have to log into your email address or anything, that’s how i changed mine.

  34. I need 2 change a screen name or at least the password of a screen name that my cousin has on AIM. He told me that he couldn’t change it, although its his account. I just want to change it for him. How do I do that?

  35. I need a new password because my sister keeps on going on to my aim.

  36. my ex husband stole my passowrd and downloaded all my email and i thought the dam thing was changed with this link. so, that’s custody. . . fuff aol and aim. we ought to boycott them forever. they bite

  37. this link steals passwords

  38. Torrie Wilson in a thong

  39. fukcing asoles. i dunt beweeve dis shyt, i lose my pass cuz i got amnesia. 1800aolpass don’t werk ether. gib me my pass you stoppid cuntz! m0zynet

  40. omfg this is soo gay….aim is retarded…..someone keeps getting on my screen name….the reset password thing isnt helpful at all aim is retarded seriously!!!

  41. if anyone can help me!!

    i.m. me on Jeremy2526

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  43. obviously u guys are being tricked big time, this guy is jacking u guys pw so stop using this crap

  44. it didnt hepl me at all i need to change my password!

    My issue when needing to change my AIM password was that I KNEW my password but not my secret question’s answer in order to change it. So, what I did was I downloaded and earlier version of AIM, 4.7 to be exact. Once you’re logged on to AIM 4.7 they have a VERY QUICK AND EASY PASSWORD CHANGE :).. WOO HOO… Took my a couple of days to figure it out but finally I am successfull!!! Hope this helps some of you, well those who know their passwords but not the answer to their secret question :):)

  46. i need to change my password cause someone keeps getting on mine and earasing everthing on my list and my info!!!!!!!!!!

  47. OMg my password got out to my friends and someone is going on my screen name!!!!!!

    i wanna kno who it is but now i hav to change my password! it sucks! omg i need help and i dont know how to change my password!


  48. you have to go onto the aim website.. then click on support and scroll down to “change password”

  49. what the heck my friend has my password to aim and she is talking to all my friends,swearing at them,and she is deleting all my friends

  50. Can I change my username?

  51. Will this website allow me to change my username?

  52. I forgot my AIM password since I haven’t use it for a while. Now I have changed jobs and the AIM email address is my old work email. So, the “forgot password?” is being sent to an email I cannot access. Suggestions?

  53. dudes.
    this happened to me.
    and you know what.
    just go to this site:
    and you can change it without signing on.
    isn’t that amazing.
    whoa my imposter just signed off and they can’t
    sign back on now.

  54. i have aim 6.0 and some1 went on my s/n and changed my password. i keep doing the “i forgot my password” button…but it doesn’t send the email at all. WHAT DO I DO?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. i forgot my hint answer. what do i do? i cant change my original password now. EMAIL ME!

  56. when i click on forgot my password it dont do anything but stay on the first question ! How do i get it to keep going ??

  57. Why is it that every time i logon using my name mizzamac i get booed off???

  58. I get the same thing.

  59. just go to this site:

    yeah then they send you a “link” to change it… well guess what the link doesn’t work… imagine that…
    any suggestions from anyone else that may be having this issue?

  60. uhh you guys are all morans because ur getting ur password ripped off by people k thanks

  61. aim reset password doesnt work, its stupid. when u put in yur screename to reset the password how can u accept the password reset if u cant login into the screename in the first place, basically there sending u a mail that u could never confirm

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  63. well i say you just give up and make a new screenname thats probably your best guess

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  72. I have downloaded AOL/AIM and started using it for oneday on 28th jan08 but after few minutes audeo failed and vedeo was continued. I request you to restore the audeo and also help to me restart the vedeo. I am awaiting your mail reply.V.Natarajan

  73. my password is cody6543215

  74. oh man i told my password help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hang tented.Genoa!…

  76. i need help changeing my pass because some 1 nos my pass and is changing evry thing plz help me!!

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