ServerBeach versus XLHost

December 13, 2005 at 6:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 25 Comments

So I’m just plain jonesing to do the podcast. That means bandwidth and that means storage. And the desire to play with stuff that TextDrive* just won’t support means that I’m going down the dedicated server route. Given that I’m an ex-Rackspace customer this really isn’t surprising at all to me. I just like having a box which is dedicated to my whacky adventures. Example: The ability to install MySQL 5 and start using it in Python. My TextDrive won’t give me that since its shared hosting. And given that I’m a true MySQL believer and my other buddy Mike says its ready then I want to be all over it. Stored procedures here I come!
So Kevin thinks I should go ServerBeach and Nick thinks I should go XLHost. XLHost is cheaper and offers remote reboot via the web which is, imho, important. XLHost also does a better job on the “Sucks” test:

So anyone out there have any direct experience with either of these guys ? Thanks in advance.
*TextDrive which both Mike and Niall recommended is actually excellent.



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  1. As ServerBeach’s front page indicates, they have a web reboot feature. (See Rapid Reboot sidebar). They don’t offer any ubuntu nonsense though.


  2. I am thinking about using Server Beach myself. The podcast Free Talk Live uses their package with 2000GB of bandwidth per month. It would also contain my bandwidth for the Nobody Likes Onions podcast (I hope). Server Beach has a great reputation and everyone I know who has used them is happy.

  3. I got a good laugh from the `suck test`. That is great.

    I’m using XLHost with a Gentoo box and making damn good use of the how-to guids on It is working good for me, I’m really having fun with MySQL 5.x.

  4. Hi All,

    Virginia — no worries. I like ubuntu on the desktop. I have no idea how it is server side and debian with the magic that is apt-get is just peachy by my thinking.

    Patrick — cool. Dishwasher safe sounds hilarious just on the surface.

    Nick — cool. Glad to my mysql 5 is working for you. I can’t wait to get into it myself.


  5. +1 on Serverbeach. Like Kevin, I’m running some J2EE stuff on it. Am on my second month, but final for now since my project is ending. I believe they have more “sucks” because they have a huge amount of customers and dedicated servers.

  6. Just been to XLHost. The distro choices are old – CentOS 3 and not 4?

    Neither one offers AMD64 servers…

  7. Another vote for ServerBeach. I’ve been using them for about 8 months now with no network or datacenter hiccups. They have a nice simple ftp-based backup mechanism available as well for not too much $$ which is nice.

    They also have 3 datacenters, which is nice if you want to have more than one box in case of disaster recovery (poor man’s cold-spare)…probably not an issue for hosting a blog, but nice nonetheless. Their LA datacenter apparently will offer 64bit machines.

  8. Probably the worst service i had ever experienced, fraudulent company. BEWARE.

    After a month and a half and 4 servers with them we took our business to RackSpace, cost more but superb service, we filed a complaint to BBB, Google Adwords and our Credit Company.

    Bad tech support, unavailable at nights or holidays, can’t install a proper server, installed our servers with defaults password 654321 that cannot be changed without downtime, charged our account extra $300 without notiftying us, we actually had to stumble upon the mistake, those are just a few of the problems.

  9. um, david, dude – nice critique, but you didn’t indicate which one it was – serverbeach or xlhost.

  10. I am in the same situation as you are. So I am very interested to know what have you finally chosen and how is it (not) working for you.

    Take care,

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  13. I have been with Server Beach for almost 2 years now. ZERO complaints. The only down time I had was my own damn fault. Now XLHost .. I sent in a request for 4 servers with the spec I needed, that was 3 weeks ago, no response, so I called them. The dude that answered the phone had no idea what I was talking about specing my own server.. had no idea how to do it

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