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If you’re looking for a serious engineer / architect who understands Search / Blogging / Social Software / RSS / Atom / Syndicated content / Aggregators / {insert similar stuff here} that’s built and scaled a LAMP application from nothing to millions of daily page views then perhaps we should talk. I’m not a guy to make a simple but pretty web site. I’m a real software engineer who builds big, scalable applications. If that’s of interest then click Contact for details on how to reach me.

My hourly rate for short term gigs is $150 / hour. Like almost all other types of protein (ham, pork, steak, etc) I can be purchased in bulk and my rates go down depending on the length (bulk) of the engagement. Feel free to ask for a quote. I’m not cheap and I don’t pretend to be but I do deliver. In order to let you try before you buy you may want to take me up on one of my “discounted bundles” below:

  • Commando Consulting. Need someone to login to your LAMP application and give a quick once over looking for issues? Had your log files stop logging ? Discovered your blogging tool no longer works? Well I offer “Commando Consulting” for just this reason. Give me a password, a login and access and I can likely solve your problem.
    $99 for 1 hour handled via Paypal to fuzzygroup @ gmail.com payable in advance and we’ll Skype through out the whole process so you know what I did.
  • The 1 Hour Critique. As four startups have now learned – ZigTag, PodTech and two that asked not to be named I can put on my strategy hat and relate to them on a level that seemed to be helpful. I’m not really a Valley insider but I’ve been doing startups since I was 19 (I’m 38 now) and I have a pretty good feel for this stuff. At the very least I’ll challenge your assumptions and I think I have a pretty good insight to the funding process. Certainly I know the mistakes I’ve made over the years.
    $99 for 1 hour paid in advance via Paypal to fuzzygroup @ gmail.com. Call handled via Skype.

Now I’m a sucker for people getting out there and building startups so if you’re an unfunded startup you can always email me for a possible free consultation. I’m going to offer free services to 5 startups in 2006. This is an advice service by the way, not free coding.

My preferred development languages are PHP and Python. My preferred server platform is Linux although I’m known to dabble in BSD as well. In 2000 I deployed well over a million dollars worth of hardware running Windows 2K so I’ve done a lot in that space also.


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